Kathy Tomassi

Kathy Tomassi

Kathy has lived in Wyoming for 45 years. She was elected as the Lincoln County Treasurer in 2010 and retired in 2016.

She helped run a small family business, worked as a loan officer at a local bank, sold real estate, and opened an accounting business with a partner. She has served on several boards including the Board of Professional Responsibility, the Wyoming Community Foundation and the Kemmerer Rotary Club.

She enjoys making a positive contribution to Wyoming by serving on the Business Council board, and looks forward to being a part of exciting times ahead for the state. Wyoming has been good to her and her family, she says, from the great education for her kids, to the businesses opportunities, to the chance of running for elected positions.

Wyoming welcomes people with open arms if they have an innovative idea, the willingness to work, and the initiative to put ideas out there and take a risk, she says.

Her family loves the outdoors, golfing and hiking, and they all feel lucky to have had a great life in the state of Wyoming, she says.

Kemmerer, WY

Board Term Expiration Date: 03/01/2022